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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Seems a Bit Early

But here it is, the annual fall illness, round one.
Jenna was felled first with a 103 temp, horrid headache and weird blisters in the back of her very sore throat.  I wouldn't normally take her to the Dr. but the throat threw me.  As we were heading in to have Ro's foot looked at anyway, I made her an appointment.  In the meantime, off to the store for gallons of Polar Ginger Ale and Popsicles. My frustration at the constantly reading either low or high fancy thermometer was alleviated by my new regular old, reliable, mercury thermometer.  Hurray!
Off we go, the poor thing is wrapped up in a blanket, semicomatose, and strapped in the car.  Crutches stowed in the back, Rowan is ready to go.  We get there and I send Rowan in, no intention of having the sick one in the waiting room.  A friend is there and texts us when Rowan goes in.  It gets dark and chilly while Jenna dozes in the back seat and I play Jewel Lust on my phone.  Eventually, the nurse comes out to the car and I carry Jenny in.  At this point Rowan still had not been seen and is panicking over the suture kit that had been placed for the Dr. to use as needed.
Dr. says weird throat blisters are called "cobblestoning".  Lovely metaphoric description I thought.  In the meantime, Ro gets her foot looked at, the verdict is we did well not getting it stitched and ugly though it is, it appears to be healing.  Rowan's relief that none of the scary instruments were utilized was palpable.  Rapid strep test is negative but we err on the side of caution with a call in of zithromyacin for Jenna.
Exactly 2 hours later we are on the way to the pharmacy and home.

24 hours later, Rowan has the same symptoms, off for more gallons of Polar Ginger Ale and Popsicles.  I warn her if she begins the usual "I'm sick" death throes routines, that while I love her dearly, she can take care of herself.  Overnight strep is still negative but the Dr. wants her to take the meds.

In the meantime, Dk has a horrible, dry wracking cough that affords him little sleep.

Elaine is going to need surgery for her messed up arm and now she was up in the middle of the night with her chest feeling so heavy she almost went to the ER.
Quarantining the girls has not been popular but there is worse stuff out there and with their weakened immune systems they would have no hope of fending anything off right now.   I had to cancel a computer job and a photography job which stinks, would have been Christmas money.  Ro couldn't work this week babysitting either, good call, she went back to bed Thursday and slept til 2!  And I am staying away from a baby shower this weekend too, can't expose our pregnant friends to any of this.
I am holding out hope that Mike and I do not get sick.  We have simply not got the time for it.


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