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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Never Say Never

I have been spending a great deal of time of late, pondering what to do with Rowan and 8th grade and high school.  We are a week shy of the first semester and due to all her health issues, have only about two weeks completed of school.  I have come to terms with this (laugh if you will).  In fact, because her issues are systemic and it is taking time for the medication to do it's job, I have even given up on the thought of getting any school done and have decided to not even worry about it until the first winter term.  As I am a very check list sort of person, this took some mental gymnastics and a whole lot of the Holy Spirit to come around to this conclusion.

Given the health related issues, attitude issues and my complete lack of desire to start anew the daily battles for now, my thoughts turn to outsourcing. 

Outsourcing certain subjects was always in the game plan.  I have always known there were subjects that I was weak on that would require a different tact.  Last year we used BJU Life Science and Rowan really got a great deal out of the course.  I always said I would never go the dvd for every subject route, but it is beginning to hold more and more attraction for me.  Thinking it through......

Ease of Use, Thoroughness and Accountability.
No more marathon lesson planning.
Cuts down on teacher prep time, each lesson has a "for the teacher" 5 minute blurb on the dvds.
I can substitute 2 grade/subject levels which we need to do for both math and science, she is a grade ahead on both.
Buying the entire subject kit it $200 cheaper than buying 3 classes alone and comes with free Bible and Foreign Language.
Rowan can't argue with or yell at a dvd teacher to any level of effect. (though I have seen her try)
It is still a thoroughly Christian education, though not the classical model I prefer.

I have to give up some of the dreams I had of courses I have longed to use for years for high school.
Truthfully, I love marathon lesson planning.
The visions of home school in my head will have to make way for what it really is right now and adjust.
It is expensive but not a whole lot more than I spend already.
It is not reusable, while the texts are, the dvds would have to be leased again if we go this route with Jenna.
It is totally "school at home".  Not what I ever really envisioned for our home school.

Food for thought and prayer.
Am I giving up on character training by delegating to dvd teachers?
Will this separation of me as the teacher and transition to mentor benefit our relationship during the teen years?  Giving us more time to enjoy the time we spend together?
Am I being selfish or following an instinct for self-preservation and household peace?
Did the home school in my head ever exist?

I have time to pray through this decision and talk about it and figure it out.  Would love input.  


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