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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's a God Thing

Life as a homeschooling Mom can be a little solitary.  Sometimes, though you know millions of others are homeschooling and parenting, you feel utterly alone.  And we persevere, committed to this way of life for the glory of the One who has called us into this service.

I have been richly blessed to know many other homeschooling Moms and to count some of these wonderful women as my friends.  And their friendship means a great deal even though we rarely if ever see each other, or talk for that matter, we are all aware that we keep each other in prayer.  And I love them for it.

But I have this one friend with an almost twin-like ability to pick up the phone exactly when we need to talk about the exact same thing.  It is, quite literally, a God thing.  And He has caused it to happen time and time again. 

He knows all our joys, all our struggles, all our failures and inadequacies and He knows how incredibly alike we are.  He loves us so much that when we are feeling particularly challenged in parenting and homeschooling, the phone rings and we find exactly what we need on the other end.  A sister in Christ with whom we can share it all.  Every bright spot, every ugly moment, every struggle, every hurdle crossed.  With whom we can confess our failures and sins and share our hopes and dreams.  I can bare my soul and admit I have had to let go of things that we had been so committed to doing only to find out that she is in the same boat with me.  With her I can troubleshoot, think aloud, cry, laugh, plan and confirm.  Our hearts go out to each other in love and we realize again that God knew exactly who we needed.  Again.  And we are bailing together.  And we are not, so very not, alone.


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