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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is it Me? (Again)

                                                                Is there a point to dances in elementary school and middle school?

In the younger years, why would you take 2 opposite species and expect them to obey social graces?  Don't boys have cooties at that age?  I can't think of a single member of the opposite sex that would have known how to handle themselves at a dance at that age. Can you give me a valid and thoughtful answer to this question; for what earthly reason would we want children to emulate a relationship for which they won't be emotionally, morally or physically ready for years to come?  It makes no sense to me..  And I do not believe it to be either cute or harmless.

As for middle school, in what realm of sane is putting 2 groups of the opposite sex with raging hormones, a complete inability to relate to each other and massive height differentials on the girls side anyone's idea of a good time?  Half of them still demonstrate liking someone by hitting them and the other half are precociously hyper-sexual. Neither situation says "have a great time!"

I understand high school dances, though even then they behave more like pack animals.  Each pack's alpha pair, circling the other packs, looking for an opening.  The mated pairs smoothly circling in an elegant dance no other pack member can hope to emulate while the single juveniles roam hopefully around the outskirts of the venue hoping they aren't savaged and chased off.  But I digress.

The point is, I do not think that elementary and middle school dances are a good idea.  While the reality may be that a group of boys and a group of girls stand around aimlessly while punch is served and music is played, the notion of a "dance" implies a boy/girl interaction.  And they all know it.  They are socially induced, artificial constructs for relationships that should NOT exist at those ages.   This isn't High School Musical or Rydell High.   Not cute and not harmless.  Just my .02


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