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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Goodbye Dunkin Donuts?

This morning I was up at 5am getting ready to go to a CBD warehouse sale.  I got dressed, poured a cup of coffee, checked my email and Facebook then woke up Rowan to come along.  As we have a ritual of stopping at the Dunkin Donuts at the Sagamore bridge, I didn't worry about a 2nd cup or travel mug and down the driveway we went in the rain to wait for our ride.
Off we go in the pouring rain, in the pitch dark to that icon of morning cheer, Dunkin Donuts.  So in we go and I order Rowan and I breakfast and a black coffee for me.  (Carbs are all important to stamina in the hunt for bargains)  We stand in line waiting for our sandwiches and all of a sudden, I smell it.  That ubiquitous miasma that emanates from young men these days, Axe.  It is purported to be a bodyspray/deodorant but it isn't.  It is a good idea gone horribly, horribly wrong.  The commercial shows women swooning at the feet of the men who cavalierly spray it on but what it neglects to tell you is that they swoon because it is toxic waste made aerosol.

I lean forward and whisper to Rowan, "the guy in front of us is wearing Axe, it is choking me!"  She agrees and we try not to breathe until he gets his sandwich and leaves.  Thankfully grabbing our we head for the car and blessed fresh air.   

Buckling up, all I can smell is the damn Axe!  It is in my nostrils and as I open my coffee and bring it to my mouth it gets worse!  My coffee smells like Axe!!!!  The cup and lid smell like Axe!!!  Not my coffee!!  It hadn't been the guy in front of us, it was that teenage cretin who was making the orders!

I go back in holding it out away from my face and I ask the girl at the counter if someone who has not bathed in cologne this morning could possibly pour me a new coffee.  Puzzled, she does so and off we go but I can't drink it.  All I can smell is Axe. 

Could this have ruined Dunkin Donuts coffee for me forever?  I am afraid to find out.


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