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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Getting Worse

I know, I have written on this subject before, but it IS getting worse!
I belong to a home school message board group that I adore. I have been hanging out there for almost 8 years. When I joined, we were a fairly small group of folks who wanted to excel at educating our children.
There have been so many women I admire on it through the years, ladies I would joyfully be friends with in real life. Through these boards we have laughed together, cried together, prayed together, advised each other and shared life's little triumphs and failures.

Over time, the membership has gone from a few hundred to thousands. Over time, the character of the board has changed and not for the better. My biggest pet peeve is the constant misuse and misspelling of the English language. (My second pet peeve is the trend to make inflammatory posts but that is another topic.)
It doesn't just annoy me. I believe it to be a bad sign. When women who are or want to home school spell words like curriculum incorrectly, to me it is a HUGE flag!
(The board has a function to edit your posts and I have always gone in to mine when I notice that I have misspelled something. So it isn't like you can't fix a mistake.)

My issue with the whole thing is that home schoolers already have a tough time defending our right to home school let alone our choices in curriculum. Do we need to add fuel to the critics by having women who home school look ignorant?? If someone, looking to criticize home schooling, stopped by our once erudite threads and saw the incredibly blatant misspelling and grammatical errors, what would they think?

I know what I think. I am not a judgmental person, let me be clear. I believe if you are home schooling or thinking of homeschooling than you have set high priorities and God bless you. However, if the sole responsibility for your child's education falls on your shoulders, should not you be up to the task?
I believe in self educating and I believe in learning some things along with your children. I just think, that if all of this were truly important to you, that you would already be working on your own weaknesses and at least use a dictionary or even spell check?

I still love my boards. I still get a great deal out of them and hope I have helped others as well.
But I worry. Is this just another sign of the times?


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