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Friday, September 25, 2009

Cloudy in my Head

There is so much on my mind, of late, that I am at a loss as to choose a topic.
There have been a few more lows than highs these days and I find myself struggling to keep my head above water (or out of my a**) most days. I feel like the squall line in the photo.

Indian Summer is my absolute favorite time of year. It has been so glorious outside and such a blessing.
Revolutionary War Day was a blast, a good time was had by all and we even pulled off a record number of last minute folks joining us. A fabulous family fun day.
Jenna is doing really well adjusting to the heavier 3rd grade workload. I have high expectations for her this year and so far, so good.
Mike has had work daily, praise God.
We have a roof over our heads, clothes on our backs, a working vehicle and food in the refrigerator.
We have the most fabulous family and friends anyone could ever have and we love them so very much.

Which leads me to the cons. Which also helps me narrow down a writing topic. Which begs the question, how much can I write of all of it? And, do I really need to?

Maybe not, maybe I will just go outside.


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