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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Observations of a Fish Tank

I think I have wanted a salt water fish tank from my earliest days at the beach.
Growing up on Cape Cod with the bays, marshes, estuaries, and the Atlantic we have been beachcombers since we could stand. And forever, the disappointment of having to put our treasures back before we left the seaside for home.
We lucked out a few weeks ago and got 2 tank set-ups for free. So close!!
Well, Mike was (and is) working so much and I couldn't carry either the sand or the salt water needed on my own so I was resigned to wait.

Up came our field trip to the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.
We spent the day doing water testing and catching flora and fauna and my desire to have my tank was becoming more of an obsession. Turns out our friend Michael was free after the field trip and great sport that he is, helped us head out to the beach for sand and water, back to the house to set up the tank and back to the river to see what we could catch. It really was a fabulous day.

So now we have a 15 gallon salt water tank and we spend as much time observing our finds as we do catching them. In the hatching tank there are three anemones where we once had one and some sort of eggs on a piece of seaweed.
There are 6 or 7 shrimp and we just observed on the largest one, that it is carrying eggs!! They amuse us with their antics, cleaning constantly everything in the tank.
A graceful, bio-luminescent comb jelly floats back and forth in the current feeding, hypnotizing us with it's grace and light show.
There are 5 fish, four different kinds, not sure what kind they are yet and 4 sand-worms.
Two snails are terribly busy in and out of the sand but my very favorite thing to watch is our beautiful barnacle. So graceful, the feathery critter sways and feeds and ducks back into his shell.
We are on a constant hunt for a pipe eel and find them but the net we use needs a smaller mesh to catch one.

It is going to be the best summer ever.


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