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Saturday, May 23, 2009

It has been a long time since I did this.

I was bound and determined to make my Mom's 69th birthday cake. My Mom is special and gardens and fairies are part of her makeup. I treasure that and thank her for passing on that love. The cake had to reflect who she is and no store bought confection was going to do it.

Step one: Bake the cakes. (after waiting for UPS to show up with the pans I ordered)

-Addendum to step one: call the Rogers and ask to use their oven because I totally forgot mine has been broken for months.

-pack up the cake mixes and pans, get in the car to go over there. Back up the driveway and send Rowan back in for the eggs and oil.

-get to the Rogers and find out you didn't have enough cake mix. Kiss Donna when she rummages in her cabinets and finds one for me.

-bustle about their kitchen and have a lovely visit while baking the cakes, clean up after myself and load up the car with the piping hot cakes and head home.

-while cake cools, make 2 batches of buttercream icing and work for an hour trying to make the exact colors I want.

-level and cut cakes, pipe in the filling and stack the 12" devils food with vanilla middle on top of the 14" golden cake with milk chocolate filling.

-step back to admire and allow yourself a little slack for them being slightly off center.

-ice the cake smooth then realize you wanted to tint the frosting green and now you have a iced to perfection white cake. Leave it for the next big project.

-make gum paste for the first time. Tint for almost 2 hours to match the colors I have chosen which are mirrored in the gifts we bought for her, little ceramic mushrooms that she fell in love with at Mahoney's Garden Center. Wrap it tightly to cure overnight and go to bed, it is 11pm for Pete's sake!

Step Two: use the last of the untinted buttercream to make the green I wanted in the first place and re-ice the cake as thinly as possible. Happy now. :) Elaine and Mike are playing peanut gallery and wondering when the screaming may commence. (not yet, icing is easy)

Step the Third: Now the really hard part. Using the 3 photos of elements I wanted to use and my own imagination, make the cake look like I have envisioned. 4 hours later with less ranting than in my heyday, it isn't half bad. I even kind of like it. I hope Mom likes it.

What do you think?


Libby June 13, 2010 at 9:40 AM  

WHOA! I am super impressed!
I love "recipes" which explain how hard you worked for someone you VERY FUNNY!
Thanks for stopping by!

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