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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Of Coffee and Keyboards

Now I can't even recall why I had to lunge for the speaker volume but I did. 
And my just poured cup of piping hot coffee leapt into the air and hurled itself onto my keyboard, the desk, and sprang musically into a coffee waterfall onto the power strips underneath the computer.
Losing my composure, just for a moment, a few choice curses left my mouth as I ran for towels. I didn't know where to start but grabbed my (critical to our lives) calendar which lives under the keyboard. Threw one under the falls and began sopping up the remainder.
After pouring a new cup of coffee, I sat back at my desk and began to answer an email from my mother. I typed, "Dear Mom". The keyboard typed D
I suspected that coffee may have gotten into the keyboard. No quitter, I tried several more times to type something coherent and failed miserably.

Fortunately for me I have tons of computer parts in the attic and hastily plugged in a new one. Mike gave Jenna the task of taking apart and fixing the coffee-laden one and I am now struggling to adjust my fingers to a new keyboard.

Time for more coffee.


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