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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mattress Surfing

The other day I decided that the futon cover could not go another day without being laundered.
It was not longer the lovely China White and Blue Flower pattern, it had gone more grayish and doggie smelling.
I unzipped it all the way and wrestled it off the mattress. I thought that went rather well really.
Having done this sort of thing before, I then re-zipped the deflated cover and put it in a gentle cycle with bleach. It came out gorgeous, restored, pristine, lovely. I then put it aside and waited for Mike to get home and assist.

I timed my request correctly and he was pleased to help me. So we unzipped the cover and were inundated with web-like strands of loose thread. I had seen this before. We got the scissors out and manipulating the huge, heavy cover carefully trimmed off the worst of it.

Next, we manhandled the futon to the floor and with geometrical precision smashed the corners into the top where they belong. Now we had to pull the cover onto the rest of the mattress AND get it close enough to the other side to pull the zipper shut. To accomplish this we laid on the floor, yanked the mattress on our legs and started hauling at the thing. That is about when the cat began to mattress surf. We jerked and yanked, he pounced and rode and I was taking a mental picture and laughing so hard I couldn't help at all.

Masterfully, my husband yanked the last corner of the cover closed and sat back in triumph.
Together we wrestled it back on to the futon frame, launching the cat into the air and sat together on the fresh clean couch to recover.

I can't help but think that there just has to be a better way.


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