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Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Getting it"

I assigned my 8 year old this morning, Geography from A to Z. Starting on the first page she was to copy the definition of archipelago in her best handwriting and then draw a picture of one, like the one on the page.

Typically, she began the drawing first. As I am happily watching The History of Britain while I work out on my elliptical she is chattering away while she draws.

"Mom, this island is going to have all the resources, so it will be the only one populated". "Mom, this island is going to have very limited resources, well food and wood I guess because there are going to be coconut and banana trees"

And as she thinks aloud I am wondering where in the heck has she learned so much about "resources" in that context and wow, the kid really understands those concepts!

Then it hits me. All those hours she has spent conquering civilizations in Age of Mythology!!!! I guess there may be a place for computer games in our lives after all. :)


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