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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

I have just heated up my coffee for the 4th time.  It sits here and I forget it and by the time I remember it, it is cold and my head hurts.  But it happens.  Every day.  

It has been an eventful few days.  We got home from Charleton Sunday night after swinging through Connecticut.  As we were greeting all the menagerie, I was patting Frodo and thought how skinny he is!  He wasn't himself at all and he had been fine when we left.  We were worried enough, because the weight loss was so drastic, to take him to the vets first thing Monday.  I went alone, the kids were still in bed and I am glad I did.  He has been so weak when I came downstairs. 

 Long story short, he has a massive tumor in his belly, has a heart murmur and is dying and there is bloody little we can do about it.  I lost it a little at the vets, they are so wonderful at South Cape.  We discussed our limited options and decided to give him a vitamin shot and some antibiotics and kind of try to boost him up a little so we could have more time with him.  We both agreed he is in no distress yet.  So home we came and he hid for 2 days under our bed. He hates the carrier.  But he has come out and is loving and adorable and almost himself sometimes but he tires very quickly.  I bought 91 cents a can food for him and he loves it.  We are so very glad we adopted him when we did.  He has had 4 months surrounded by love after 2 years in a shelter, never knowing anything else.
He has been a huge blessing to us all and I am grateful for the time we have had and blessed by whatever time we have left.

The Dr.'s office called to give me the results of Rowan's last round of bloodwork.  I don't even remember what that round was for at this point but as we are on the phone, down she comes and her angioedema is in full swing, her poor lip is huge and her eyelids were swollen but we have seen worse.  So, we still know nothing and it went away and life goes on.

Some friends came over with pizza and took our minds off the troubles for a bit.   We watched one of our favorite movies,  Christmas Vacation. Then we played Wii for a bit.  I always love time in fellowship with friends, but these two are particularly dear to us. 

The girls and I put the tree and ornaments away ourselves, Mike went to work.  I wanted to reclaim the living room so we have more room to Wii!!  What fun that silly thing is.  What good old fashioned family fun.  We love Carnival Games and Wii Sports but the current favorite with the girls is Outdoor Adventure.  Jenna has lost weight already and she is the one with none to loose!  My bff and her kids came over afterwards for a visit and that was awesome.  No matter how often we get together, it is never enough time to spend.  Since the weather was nice, I suggested the kids go out and swing on the huge branch that came down in the last storm.  It is perfect for swinging and bouncing on, it is greenwood and springy and not very likley to actually come down for some time.  A good time was had by all.

It is New Year's Eve.
The snow started early today and is already about 3 inches.  I worked out for an hour while watching a "Behind the Scenes" from Deadliest Catch.  What can I say, it's a vice.  
Then I set out with the dog on a few errands.  More cat food, gas up the car, bread, milk, that sort of thing.  I wanted to make soup too and I had no split peas so I got them too and now there is a lovely pot of ham and split pea bubbling aromatically in the kitchen.  The birds have seed, suet and water and are terribly busy out there.  They delight me and I try to always have stuff out for them.  They love the fallen branch, it is right in from of the feeders and they can hide in it.  Mike has work, the woodstove is cranking, the woodbox is full. 
 All is well, God is good and we are ready to head into "09".

Happy New Year
God Bless
I have to go heat up my coffee again. 


Lori January 1, 2009 at 1:11 PM  

I so luv your "meanderings." What a blessing. i'm so sorry about Frodo....but I know he/she will be WELL LOVED in the finality of life. You guys are so awesome. I just luv how you ALL give and give and give and humans and animals alike. You inspire me to be a better human being.
I just luv you, Mike and those girls. I really miss the time i had with Jenna AND rowan....with voice. let's talk about that...I NEED that BACK my friend.
I luv you ALL...and miss you tremendously. I hope 2009 is awesome for you. We are still in prayer for Mike's trip to Sierra Leona. We luv you tremendously.

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